Tips for Obedience From Your Four Legged


No trainer can stress this enough. It is the foundation of how a dog will learn what you are asking of them. Be consistent and you will see progress. Simple as that.


Take a timeout. Don’t let frustration get the best of you. It will only confuse your dog and set back the progress you have made.

This is one I have to make a conscious effort to have. Just take a deep breathe and come back to it later.


This kind of goes along the lines of having patience. Just keep at it. Your dog will have that aha moment. It is that much more rewarding when you have been working so hard at a particle command and your dog finally accomplishes it. That celebratory moment will do wonders for your dogs’ confidence as well as your own. A little adversity kindles a stronger bond with your canine too.


This might seem obvious, but it is still one I have to bring up. Master the basics first. Sure your dog can grab a beer from the fridge, but if he can’t sit and stay without jumping on people, it isn’t worth much.


Giving your dog attention is the biggest reward. So ignore the “bad” behaviors. If you’re giving them any kind of attention for something they’re doing, they will continue the behavior to get the attention.

This can also be the biggest tool when teaching them something to. Get excited and your dog will too!

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