What I Wish I Would Have Done Before College

Being a 25-year-old pregnant wife I can’t help but look back on my life and reflect. There are things that I wish I would have done that may or may not have put me on a better track.

It is hard to think about your life and not think you should have done things differently. Maybe you would have that high paying job and the nice house by now if only you had _____.

Losing my job has brought these thoughts on full throttle, but it has also given me the chance and the time to plan my future and figure out what my dreams are now.

What I WIsh i would have done before college

My dad tried to push me to take some time and do classes at the community college before making the decision to move to Montana from Washington to attend a university.

Being an 18-year-old girl I ran in the opposite direction from my dad. These are the things I should have thought about.

Took Some Time Off

Thinking about it now, it may have done me some good to take a little time off between schools. I look back on my decision for a major and I wish I would have taken some more time to plan my career path.


I wish I would have done some traveling before becoming a “grown up.” The lack of money and the pile-up of responsibilities has made it difficult to feed my adventurous hunger.

Volunteered Overseas

I have always have had the drive to help animals in need. I would love to go overseas and help protect animals in danger or rehabilitate them and their habitats.

Tried Different Fields

This is something I will encourage my daughter to do. I am twenty-five and still have no idea what I want to do with my life. If I would have known better, I would have taken the time to try different career options.




Now I am in a career limbo and I feel like a high school graduate again. It is a scary feeling to be a new mom and not know what the future holds, but maybe this is what I need to find a career that will make me truly happy :).

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