Keys to a Successful Waterfowl Hunt

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There are always things we seem to forget when wrapped up in the excitement of waterfowl hunting season. Don’t forget to prepare ahead of time.

Waterfowl Hunting


Snacks are the reason I get out of bed so early on days that we hunt. They are essential to easing morning crankiness and bringing pure delight. They make the bitter cold a little less bitter.

Everyone that I have hunted with has their choice of blind bag goodies. My husband and I have a tradition of getting a bag of those double chocolate donuts that feel like the coating could be made of wax. Haha. I crave those things anytime we go hunting and they’re the perfect pairing to a hot cup of coffee.


The last day of hunting season this year I forgot my newest duck call. It was actually heartbreaking because I hadn’t had the chance to use it since my husband gave it to me. It had been sitting right on my dresser.

It is always good practice to get everything you’re going to need in the morning the night before.


This is probably the most important factor to a successful hunt. The right socks are the key. Cold feet can take an exciting hunt and make it the most miserable day of your life.

I have had the first-hand experience. It was not my feet being cold that was painful, it was the blood returning to my feet that was painful. I have never felt anything so painful in my entire life.

Because I do get so cold so easily, may be due to my small size, I recently invested in battery powered heated socks. Yes, you read that right and they do exist.

I recommend these:  Lectra Sox Wader Socks. I always look for a great price as well as quality when shopping for gear.



Never can have too many. My husband taught me this without even knowing it. I still remember asking him a few years ago if he “really needed that many?”. Yes. It is completely necessary. After about a season of duck hunting, I figured this out first-hand.


Your shotgun. My husband was so sweet to plan a very romantic anniversary trip. Can’t remember what anniversary it could have been since I don’t recall us having one during waterfowl season. That is alright. He was trying which is always adorable.

The hubby later informed me, after reading this post, he was doing it “just because.” Awh. 🙂

Anyway, he planned this whole trip and reserved us a cute cabin just minutes away from Ennis Lake.

As we pulled up to check into the cabin he asked if I had grabbed the shotguns. Of course, my answer was no. Complete silence. We just looked at each other in disbelief.

Before this trip, I left all the packing to him. He was the hunting man, the expert. I didn’t grow up with a dad who brought me hunting. It was his thing.

Now I make sure I am prepared the night before and I don’t think either one of us will be forgetting our shotguns anytime soon. 🙂


Stool. Something to sit on is important. I went a whole season without. My first season and the only season I will go without. I highly recommend the Geertop folding tripod. They’re lightweight, fold easily and most important they swivel!

GEERTOP Large Folding Tripod Stool Slacker Chair With Mesh Pocket

Handwarmers. I like to use this hotshot that clips around my waste. I keep my hand warmers in there and it keeps them nice and toasty. The pocket on the front is also super convenient for shells, but I would not recommend one if you’re the duck dog for the morning. It does not do so well wet.

HotHands Hand Warmers


This is what my husband would say is most important. From what I have experienced and where we live, I don’t see this as necessary. There are a few spots we hit that have not let us down, but there have also been days where nothing is flying. It can be a hit and miss some time.

I’ll be posting a blog soon that goes into all the factors that affect waterfowl flight and migration patterns.


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