Ways to Prepare for Spring

Spring is in the air!!

Well maybe not quite yet, but here in Montana we had a few days above 40 and it has me excited for the approaching spring.

I was about to say spring is my second favorite season to that or summer, but that isn’t true. I get excited about each season. It is the change of season that is so thrilling.

These are tips for the planners and maybe those of us who want to start being a planner.

Move Furniture

In my house hair is a big part of my everyday. Living with two dogs and a cat in a two bedroom house can get pretty hairy. Moving the furniture and cleaning under is always satisfying and sometimes surprising. I never know what my cat has been hiding all winter.

Get Behind and inside the Appliances

This is always the scariest but most necessary task when moving to new places when I used to only rent. It is surprising how much this is missed.

The refrigerator is one that I despise doing, but the spring cleaner in me demands it.

HVAC Maintenance

Between seasons is always a good time to get your HVAC cleaned. The build-up of dust and possibly mold can be very harmful. I am always mindful of checking out the filter and making sure to replace it at least every three months.

Plan Your Garden

If you’re like me and love home grown veggies, now is the time to plan out what you want to grow so that you know when you need to plant them!

Plan for Backyard Updates

This year my hubby and I decided we are going to build a shed. I am very excited for this because with the way our house is designed we have to go through the garage in order to get to the backyard. This way we have a place to dress deer and ducks during hunting season that won’t be tracked into the house.

We are also going to add a back porch and walkway to the shed and fire pit. It is going to make our backyard the hangout for all our friends and can not be more excited.

Go to the Gym

If you haven’t been doing so all winter. I make my spring gym routine about preparing for hiking. Hiking is one of my go-to summer activities and I don’t want to be trying to hike mountains while out of shape.

Get excited because fun in the sun is almost here

Breathe a sigh of relief that warmer weather is approaching. Long days, family adventures and new beginnings are just around the corner.

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Are there things you do around your hose to prepare for warmer weather? Comment your ideas!

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