How I Get Through Montana Winters: Crafting

Winter is always been a hard time for me; there are no wildflowers! Summer is my domain. I firmly believe I am cold blooded. I can’t stand being cold and never have done very well in the cold, yet I live in Montana.

The winters seem to last forever, but the summers make up for it. There is a reason so many of us suffer through the grueling bitter cold winters.

Here you can find a post on what I do around the house to prepare for warmer 7 Ways to Get Excited About Spring

Although I feel like I am stuck inside and have limited daylight, I do utilize my winters to do crafts. Recently, I have fallen in love with making candles. The beautiful scents I can create bring so much joy to my loved ones!

There is something special about our sense of smell. A smell can host so many things: a moment, memories, emotions and it has the ability to put us in a certain mood.

I began my own Etsy shop so that I can share the memories and moments I create in the kitchen.

soy candles
Create Your Own Soy Candles At Home

Today I made a candle infused with cedarwood and patchouli. It is very earthy and relaxing. Very appropriate for this time of year. Made with 100% pure essential oils! The wax I use is USA grown soy. It burns cleaner and is eco-friendly. You can feel good about burning these in your house without the fear of releasing toxins into the air you breathe. Find my growing selections of scented candles here:

I start out using some old pots and pans I picked up at a local thrift shop.

Melting wax

Meltdown my wax until it is completely liquid. 

Essential OIls

Add the essential oils. The amount will depend on how strong you want the scent of your candle. You may have to play around with this. I know I still am.

I usually start with about 10 drops per 6 ounces. It will also depend on what scent you’re using. Some oils are stronger than others. A good rule of thumb when all the wax is melted in your pot, you want the scent to be just on the verge of overwhelming. 

The scent won’t be overwhelming in your candle since all the wax will not be melted at once :).

Keep your wicks up

Pour and let cool!  

**Carefully. Will be very hot.**

soy wax


I love getting to experiment with this wax. It is always a mystery to how the color will cool. I am never disappointed with how it looks! You have to admit they’re beautiful.

Winter can be hard because of the long nights and stormy days. What is it you do that drives you to create?

Visit my Etsy shop and comment BOGO18 at check out and receive a free small plumeria scented candle with any purchase !!!!

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