Duck Hunting

My Love of Duck Hunting

My husband introduced me to duck hunting and may be why I fell in love with him. I have fallen in love with this sport as well. By far my favorite part of the whole experience is the setup photos. There is something special about the sunrise coming over the water, steam rising up and the brisk air. This is a photo I took just yesterday: On my Instagram @wildflowernerdWaterfowl Winter

The morning started off brisk with frost covering every limb on every plant. As the day progressed the sun came out and the frost lifted. It was beautiful. I love mornings like that. It warms up enough that your toes are no longer in a constant fight to stay warm and you can enjoy the silence with a little shotgun fire sprinkled in.

Duck hunting is not all sunshine and rainbows. Any waterfowler will tell you, its mishaps and pain lightly glazed with triumph. The bitter cold comes with the territory.

The cold is not forgiving. I have had trips where the cold cut through my artic rated boots down the very bones of my feet. It is one of the most painful experiences I have had thus far.

Not long ago a friend of my mine and a fellow outdoor enthusiast decided to do some hunting on her own. Going into the river to adjust some decoys she was putting out, she fell.

She struggled to make it back to the bank and may have nearly lost her life. That experience freaked her out so bad she is adamant about not going in the water again. Luckily yesterday we had a bird dog that very willingly and with great pride retrieved the birds for us.

This sport is definitely not for the faint of heart and that is why I love it.

What gets you outdoors in the brittle cold?? Have stories to share as well? Comment your best or worst time out hunting.

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